Marine Diesel Propulsion Engines

  • Maintenance of Pneumatic system, Chain drive, Fuel system, Cylinder Oil system, ECS system, UPS system, Hydraulic system, Piston Units, Exhaust systems for all engine types of all manufactures, both electronic & conventional.
  • Advanced troubleshooting inspections, Annual inspections, Intermediate inspections, Docking inspections & testing, including full crankcase inspection.
  • Docking supervision services during overhauls including all-inclusive packs & combined services.
  • Remote consultation services.
  • Remote evaluation services.
  • Software development services.
  • Investigations after damages & establishment of “Cause of Damage”.
  • Recondition of controllers for all types of engines (electronic & conventional).


Testing of Critical Equipment

  • Cylinder Liners surveying through scavenge port inspections, measurements of piston units, replica and diameter measurements without lifting cylinder covers.
  • Reciprocating parts complete surveying as per each engine’s manufacturer’s principles.
  • Bearings Endoscopic Inspection.
  • Timing inspections (fuel, pneumatic camshaft, cylinder lubrication).
  • Transmitters and IP converters calibration.
  • ECS and low voltage testing to all the signals positions through oscillator for all cabling and controllers installed.
  • Fuel valves testing & calibration.
  • Lubrication study & application for all AUX Machinery.

Manufacturing Solutions

  • Electrical cabinets & electrical equipment ready to run. L.O.P
  • Onboard testing equipment for hydraulic components of electronic type Main Propulsion Engines.
  • Special deck equipment (safety, tugging, navigation etc).
  • Special servo-packs for proportional, servo & solenoid valves calibration/testing.
  • Safety covers for accumulators.

Software Solutions

  • Performance custom software solutions for live data or static reports “Click & Report”, incuding fleet database management.
  • Cylinder condition “Feed the Photo” software for issues identification, including fleet database management.
  • Telemetry Data Evaluation (data received through existing system or system-build complete “turn-key”).
  • Electronic propulsion engines troubleshooting custom software.
  • Low Voltage ECS monitoring software (live or static for feeding your data).