Our management level course covers the academic content required for seagoing officers to serve in a managerial capacity (2nd Engineering Officer or Chief Engineering Officer of unlimited capacity). For the maritime component of the studies include the following STCW subjects:

  • Marine Engineering Knowledge A-III/2 & A-III/3
  • Business (Legal Knowledge) 2
  • Naval Architecture 2 & 3

Classes are run over a period of 14 weeks, followed by a 2-week revision and assessment period, and a 2-week re-assessment period if required.

We offer tuition via 2 primary methods:                        

  • Classes can be done from our campus at Unit 2B, Foregate Square, 1 Harbour Road, Foreshore, Cape Town, with examinations written on campus.
  • Classes can be done via blended learning practices, for students working within industry. Tuition is a mix of face-to-face contact and online study, with all assessments and examinations written on campus.

The requirements for admission to the program include having a valid SAMSA approved eyesight test, and having all the technical subjects passed to an NQF level 6 – and have completed operational level studies (A-III/1).