E-Learning (Orals)

It has long been identified that the biggest challenge facing Marine Engineering cadets is the lack of training received onboard, which leads to challenges faced when preparing for certificate of competency oral examinations. This long-term mentoring program offered uses a digital cloud-based learning platform (and data-DVD platform when at sea without an internet connection), to work through shipboard systems and questions in an 'ongoing preparation process' towards the level III assessment that is to follow. 

Students who enroll on this program will be provided with a system login and allocated monthly tasks, all designed towards obtaining the required level III assessment competencies. These tasks are to be divided and allocated according to the amount of time there is to go before the candidates planned assessment date. The tasks are submitted for review, and feedback given throughout the duration of the program. Each candidate is assessed individually before the program starts to determine the amount of support required.

This program is intended to avoid the significant costly delays often experienced by students who are found not-yet-competent at their first attempt (through a lack of long-term preparedness).

Students who enroll on this program will receive the following:

(i)     A login, assignment and monitoring of tasks via E-Learning (relevant to the level III assessment criteria).

(ii)    Periodic meetings with students (as required by the students) to review progress made and address any concerns.

(iii)   Mock oral and final preparations done as part of the course in the period leading up to the assessment date provided by SAMSA.

Payments are done via monthly debit order at R 200 per month, which can be cancelled at any time should the candidate wish to withdraw from the program for any reason. Included in this monthly payment are the periodic meetings requested by students, and the assistance provided closer towards the oral date in to form of a mock oral assessment and feedback.

For more information please contact admin@marineengineering.co.za

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