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The Marine Engineering Question & Answer book has been written to cover the types of questions as asked within the Marine Engineering Syllabus as prescribed by the IMO, and SAMSA codes in South Africa at the Second and Chief Engineers level. 

These books offer the ability to understand the types of questions asked at both level 2 and level 3 assessments. All of the sketches that accompany the answers (where applicable) have been drawn as to be replicable by students for the answering of questions.

(730 Questions & Answers, 280 pages)  

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The book covers the four primary subjects of General, Motor, Steam and Electrical in the following manner

GENERAL: Materials, Fuel & Lubricants, Ship Handling, Power Transmission, Refrigeration, Pumps & Pumping Systems, Safety & Safety Systems, Instrumentation & Control, Management. 

MOTOR: Basic Principles, Bedplates & Crankshafts, Bearings, Lubrication, Cylinder Liners, Pistons & Piston Rings, Cylinder Heads & Camshafts, Management, Fuel Injection, Turbocharging, Emissions, Air Theory, Gas Turbines.

STEAM: Boilers, Steam Turbines, Feed Systems.

ELECTRICAL: Power Generation & Distribution, Shipboard Electrical Systems, Electrical Propulsion.

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