2017 Academic Year

The 2017 Cape Peninsula University of Technology academic year has been finalised, and all that remains is the publication of the results. Congratulations on all the hard work put in by the students over the course of the year, and good wishes towards obtaining your next Certificate of Competency. 

For those going to sea over the festive season, all the best - and fair sailing.

World Maritime University

PhD Students

Maritime Education Director Derek Lambert successfully defended his Doctorate in Philosophy of Maritime Affairs (specialising in digital learning systems, and developing learning methods for Marine Engineering students) in September 2017, at the World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden.  

The graduation ceremony was held on the 5th November 2017  at the concert hall in Malmo Sweden; an event well attended by family and freinds of students from 48 countries around the world.

This acheivement further helps to aid the development of blended learning practices for South African Marine Engineers, and to increase academic capacity within the maritime industry in South Africa. 

2018 Student Awards Sponsorship

Cape Town Harbour has sponsored token student awards for the 2018 academic year at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology for the Marine Engineering Students. It is the intention to acknowledge those students who have performed well and who have achieved outstanding results in their respective subjects or categories. 

These student achievements are to be recognised shortly before the end-of-semester examinations - once the class mark assessment results have been finalised.

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