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The e-learning syllabus has been designed in accordance with the IMO/SAMSA code requirements, for seafarer study. The system comprises images, sketches, photographs, animations, video clips, manufacturers manuals, assignments and other relevant files to place the textbooks into context. The software allows for ship to shore communication that allows for the transmission of data, without the need for an internet connection (working via Email - import-export functionality).

All together the e-learning platform comprises over 2,100 files, including the learning assignments (in different forms) so that participation on the part of the student is guaranteed, and feedback can be given from the lecturer. 

This system has been developed and proven to produce results via a pioneering 18 month study conducted through the World Maritime University (Sweden), as part of a PhD in Maritime Education. Should you be interested in studying the Marine Engineering maritime component to further your qualifications whilst still serving at sea, please get in touch via email. Email

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