Notice Board

Post No. 1 - Academic Qualification Changes

An important change has been made by SAMSA regarding the 2nd Engineering Officer academic qualifications as of the 1st July 2017.

The last date that candidates holding S3 academic qualifications can qualify for CoC orals has been put forward by SAMSA as the 30th June 2017. Thereafter, Second Engineering Officers will require to be in possession of S4 academic qualifications before admission to the Second Engineering Officer CoC oral examination will be accepted by SAMSA.

For confirmation, refer to the 2016 Matrix (under the SAMSA CoC info section) produced by SAMSA in March 2016. 

Post No. 2 - Academic Subject Requirements

Marine Notice 10 of 2018 states that all students who have previously been denied access to a level 3 assessment as a result of having ‘missing subjects’ needs to re-apply. The subjects Industrial Electronics 2 & Control Systems 2 have been removed from the requirements for 2nd & Chief Engineering Officer Certificates of Competency.

Further changes may be forthcoming, however this will only be as a result of changes made by SAMSA’s syllabus committee.


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