“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” ~~ Will Rogers

 Supply of SAMSA approved syllabus textbooks    

We supply syllabus textbooks and Question and Answer books for Marine Engineering Officer candidates from Officer of the Watch through to Chief Engineering Officer. These books have been approved by SAMSA for seafarer education, in compliance with the SAMSA revised code requirements (Manila 2010 Compliant).

 High Voltage training courses    

The provision of SAMSA accredited High Voltage training courses, as per code requirements.

 Marine Boiler training course    

The provision of marine boiler training courses, construction, operation, water treatment, and steamplant simulator use. This course is beneficial for anyone wishing to improve their knowledge on marine boilers for CoC preparation.

 Certificate of Competency Oral Preparation    

Oral preparation assistance for Marine Engineering candidates is offered for those students preparing for their next Certificate of Competency oral examination. A database of the types of questions asked by the maritime authority is maintained and updated regularly, and these questions are provided to the oral candidates, along with worked out answers for certain of the levels of assessment.

  Digital Learning Material    

The provision of a digital learning system that can meets the needs of a blended learning program. This system works in conjunction with the textbooks material, aiming to provide sketches, photographs, animations, videos, procedures etc. in order to make the text understandable for students. 

Two versions are available, one for seagoing students (requires Email but not internet), and one for students who are able to access the internet.


The posting of documents, reading material and case studies that may be of interest to Marine Engineering students.


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