Dr. Derek Lambert spent 22 years at sea, leaving with the rank of Chief Engineer to head the Marine Engineering Department at the Cape University of Technology in Cape Town in 2012. He currently lectures degree program students at two universities (Cape Peninsula University of Technology & Nelson Mandela University) in the maritme subjects of Steam, Electrical, Motor, General, Industrial Electronics and Control Systems subjects. He also is heavily involved in assisting students at all levels with regards to the atainment the requirements for a Certificate of Competency from our Maritime Authority.

He holds a Class 1 Unlimited Certificate of Competency, and a PhD in Maritime Affairs from the World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden.

Derek formed the business Lambert Marine and formed the website Marineengineering.co.za in 2016, to supply services to the maritime industry, and to prepare students for bettering their maritime qualifications. He currently operates in a dual role as a lecturer (Head of Programme at CPUT [Marine Engineering], Senior Lecturer at NMU [Marine Engineering], and as Director at LAMBERT MARINE.

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