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About Marine Engineering Education / Maritime Education

The companies ‘Maritime Education’ and ‘Marine Engineering Education’ have been formed as a division of an existing independently owned and operated business (cc2007/122094/23) to supply SAMSA approved educational material and SAMSA accredited maritime courses to the South African maritime industry. The company exists to protect the intellectual property of the authors involved, through delivering original, copyrighted, published material that has been registered with the library of South Africa. The material is prescribed at CPUT, DUT, and used at NMMU for the formulation of their new curriculum. Certain of the publications are available internationally through

The business and website ( is run and managed with the sole aim of providing SAMSA accredietd courses and syllabus textbooks to Marine Engineering and Marine Navigation students who are busy furthering their maritime qualifications, and for those interested in Marine Engineering or Marine Navigation to find industry related information.

The reasoning behind establishing this business was  to allow for the supply of locally written textbooks at affordable prices to Marine Engineering students who are (a) in the process of furthering their academic theory qualifications, (b) for Certificate of Competency preparation for oral candidates and (c) for the offering of SAMSA accredited and other maritime safety courses to South African seafarers.

The ability to source textbook material locally has been a problem within the maritime industry for years, with extensive delays being the norm for the ordering of textbooks from overseas. This results in textbooks only arriving well into the student’s academic semester. 

The literature available from this website has been specifically written from the outset to comply with the SAMSA code content in South Africa, and to provide a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive internationally sourced textbooks available. All of the literature that is available on this site has been written, sourced and compiled to meet the latest Manila 2010 amendments, to ensure the quality of South African maritime education remains at the forefront - in line with international standards.

This website also aims to provide for a central source of information that may be of interest to Marine Engineers. 

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